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Montgomery Haven is one of the establishments in the Methodist Homes group, and is one of the recipients of Clara Lodge’s support.
Last year, with the financial assistance of the Provincial Grand Lodge, we were able to sponsor the two Christmas lunches provided by the Home for the  residents; one for the Frail Care section, and one for the Village.
Several of us attended the Village lunch, and it was so enjoyable and appreciated, that we decided to do the same this year.
The PGL was good enough to assist us again, and we were able to sponsor the lunches.
This year, fourteen of us (four Lodges represented) attended the Village lunch, and were really impressed with the food  and friendliness.
Fortunately, because of the weather, tables and gazebos were put outside where there was a cool breeze – it was really hot!!
Here are some photos from the event, and the response from the Home.

Much more comfortable, sitting outside.

Extra tables for us.

Waiting for the food, and it was well worth the wait.

With Natalie Elliot, the Haven’s manageress.

MOAH Thanks


 Br.Marius De Wet and his wife Siobhan were kind enough to host Clara’s end-of-year function at their home in Beverley Gardens. There were twenty-two of us who turned up, representing five Lodges. The weather was perfect and ideal for a braai, and needless to say, there was lots of food and plenty to drink; there was also no lack of volunteers to attend to the cooking! Our “braaimeisters” however, seem to have been Marius, Renier and Robert, who all cooked the meat to perfection.

A big “thank you” to Marius and Siobhan, who went to an lot of trouble to make the afternoon such a success, and to all of the ladies who brought along salads and puddings. Thanks also to everyone who came along and made the afternoon such a friendly and enjoyable event.

Clara’s Worshipful Master, W.Br. Renier Shields, greeting everyone.

Marius and Renier at work!!

Meat’s almost ready!!

Relaxing after lunch

Renier and Marius giving out presents to the ladies


  • On Saturday, 23rd November, Erin Lodge held their Annual Ladies Supper at Cesco’s Restaurant, at the German Club,and we were honoured to have the Rt.W. PGM, Deputy PGM, PGL Secretary, and their wives join us. This was a really enjoyable evening, and a good time was had by all; plenty of good food in a very nice venue.

Coincidentally, in the room next to us, the English Constitution had their end-of-year, Black Tie dinner, so it was a full house of Masons for the German Club.

It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so the following photos will tell you what a great evening it was.

Sharnell Tony and Margaret

Sharnell Davis(L), PDGM Tony Bosch and Margaret Rose

Jack Corne and Lindsay v d Merwe

Jack Connan,(R), with Corne and Lindsay v.d. Merwe

PGM Nic Benson at the head of the table.


Good food, plenty of wine and beer, and good company


On the 13th November, the District held its Bi-Annual Convocation at the Kensington Masonic Hall, and the Officers  for  2019-2020 were Invested; the event was well attended, and we were joined by representatives from our Sister Constitutions. The Convocation was presided over by the Most Excellent District  Grand King, Most Excellent Companion Andre De Roubaix.


Waiting for the District Delegation to take their places.

The Most Excellent District Grand King addressing the Companions, prior to opening the Chapter.

After a successful Convocation.

A fine meal, to end off an enjoyable evening.

The three Constitutions: ME Comp. Andre, RW Br. David Gurney (English), and ME Comp. John Grant (Scottish)


Congratulations to the Provincial Grand Lodge Administrator, Mrs. Sharnell Davis, who found this  venue for the event, organised everything and made sure that everyone had an enjoyable time.

Pleasant and spacious dining-hall

Attractively laid-out tables

On Sunday the 11th November, 120 of us enjoyed a really slap-up meal at the Apollo Hotel, the new venue for the event.


At least three Lodges represented here; Erin-Go-Bragh, Clara and Tirmochree. Vanessa, Reshat, John and Margaret enjoying the day.

The food was good, and there was plenty of it .

A lucky draw at each table; Sharnell Davis and Reshat Herrington  with the prizes.

L-R:  Franco Forte, Bessie, Colleen and Billy Rice.

Clara Lodge was well represented: WM Renier Shields with,  L-R, Bev Cawe, Bes Human, Vicki Shields, Elizabeth Clack, Lyn Hulse, Eileen Russell and Vee Schwartzel…….

…….and Craig Russell, Tom van Blommestein, Joyce van Blommestein and Tanya Russell.


PGM Rt.W.Br.Nic Benson and his wife Sophia

Charles, Shaun and Colin

L-R: Nita Moir, George Moir, Venetia, Susan and Thinus Kriel.

And finally, a toast to the Ladies from PPGM Rt.W.Br. George Moir.


Here are some of the Brethren, starting off the weekend with a hearty greeting

The Eating, Meeting, Drinking and Raffle Hall.

Waiting for the BIG ONE

The BIG ONE – a very nice gras Carp specimen, that was put back into the dam after the photo.

After the action…………………….

…………………………the all-important Braai

                            In remembrance of Rt.W.Br. Brian Trotter.

Keith Bull remembering his late brother, Rt.W.Br. Brian Bull  who, together with the late Rt.W.Br. Brian Trotter,  had  been one of the driving forces behind the Annual Fishing Weekend.

Rt.W.Br. Gerhard van Staden receiving his raffle prize from E-G-B WM, V.W.Br. Terry Nicholls.


And finally, the PGM Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson and the PGS, Rt.W.Br. Bruce Davis , relaxing with a beverage after a most successful and enjoyable weekend.




Saturday, 21st September 2019

Επαρχιακή Μεγάλη Στοά και Lodge Lurgan Ελληνική νύχτα

What a great, fun way to raise funds for charity; plenty of dancing, plate smashing and really good food, all put  together through the hard work of Stelio and Dora Zyannakis, and helpers.


The ladies gave a good demonstration of Greek dancing, and the men, of smashing plates!

Showing us how it’s done!

Stelio having a smashing time

Some of the delicious food that everyone was treated to.

This was a particularly successful event, as after everything had been reconciled, and additional money donated by Provincial Grand Lodge, the Provincial Grand Master, Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson, was able to hand over a cheque for R40 000 to  the Chairperson of the Hellenic Orthodox Ladies Association, HOLA, who run the Greek Old Age Home in Johannesburg.

Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson and the Chairperson of HOLA

Congratulations to all concerned, for a really enjoyable and successful FUNdraiser!   

Another recipient of a very generous donation was Nazareth Frail-care and Orphanage.

Provincial Grand Master Rt.W. Br. Nic Benson handing over a cheque for R10 000, to Sister Lorraine Akal , on behalf of the Provincial Grand Lodge of S.A.Northern.


On the 27th of September, 2019, Mister Rudolph Geyer was Initiated as an Entered Apprentice at Clara Lodge N0.288.

The Ceremony was rather special as two Provincial Grand Masters participated in the Ceremony: Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson of S.A. Northern and Rt.W.Br. Anton Alsemgeest of Southern Cape.

Rt.W.Br. Alsemgeest is a long-time friend of Mister Geyer, and was his Proposer for Membership.

Also in attendance, was an impressive number of Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, and Brethren ; forty-seven in all. The Ceremony was very professionally carried out, thanks to the accuracy of delivery from the participants.

The Worshipful Master of Clara Lodge, W.Br. Renier Shields, and Brethren, wish Br. Rudi an enjoyable, successful and fulfilling future in Freemasonry.


Clara’s Worshipful Master, W.Br. Renier Shields (centre, rear), Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, with (front)

Rt.W.Br. Anton Alsemgeest, Br.Rudi Geyer and Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson.

Rt.W.Br. Alsemgeest and Br. Rudi Geyer.


On Saturday 14th September, the Bi-Annual meeting was held at the Central East Rand Temple, Jubilee Road, Boksburg South, and was open to all Master Masons.
The meeting was very well attended by distinguished visitors from Sister Constitutions, and the Lodges in the Province, and was particularly important as a new Provincial Assistant Grand Master, in the person of Rt.W.Br. Gerhard van Staden, was invested.

PAGM Rt.W.Br. Gerhard van Staden

After the PAGM’s Investiture, the Provincial Grand Master, Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson, appointed his new executive Officers, Provincial Grand Lodge Officers, and his personal Standard Bearer, for the ensuing year; he also presented his personal awards, to deserving Brethren.
After the meeting, the PGM and representatives of the other four Constitutions – English, Scottish, Grand Lodge of South Africa and Netherlandic, assembled outside for a group photo.

Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson, left, his Assistants, and his delegation of distinguished guests from Sister Constitutions

The photo-shoot was followed by a really superb Refreshment Board, organised by the host Lodge, Erin-Go-Bragh No.370. There was also some musical entertainment, and a prize-giving for the team from Erin-Go-Bragh, who won the Erin Lodge Bowls day.

From L-R.: V.W.Br. Terry Nicholls WM, W.Br. Alasdair Cozens, V.W.Br. Derek MacDade and Br. Keith Bull.


On the 6th September, the Pretoria Masonic Centre at the Willows saw the Installation of W.Br. Marc Pienaar for a second year as Master of the Lodge.

Thanks to Provincial Grand Lodge, W.Br. Marc Pienaar and the Brethren of Leinster, the Installation was performed at the high standard to which S.A Northern is continually striving to maintain.

The membership of the Lodge has been increased, of late, and in attendance at the Installation, were the newest Members; three Entered Apprentices and a Fellowcraft. Here they are, from left to right: Br. J.Grobler, Br. J. Malherbe, Br. Brian Barger and Br. S. Pienaar. Centre, rear is the Worshipful Master, W.Br. Marc Pienaar.
Congratulations to W.Br. Marc, and we wish him a successful, second year in the Chair of King Solomon. Congratulations, also, to the Wardens and newly-invested Officers of the Lodge.


Erin Lodge ran the 3rd Annual Outdoor Bowl’s Day on Saturday 3rd August 2019, at the Discovery Bowling Club; it was a well-attended day with 48 Players and 10 Spectators,

The weather was much kinder this year, not bitterly cold as it had been in the past. The competition was played over 12 Ends, from 10h30 to 12h30, although by 12.30, everyone was already tucking into a hearty lunch; this was followed by a very interesting presentation by Ella & John Roberts, of SANParks Honorary Rangers, West Rand Region, on their work with the training of Tracking Dogs, for hunting down Poachers.

The Prize-giving followed shortly thereafter.

Erin go Bragh won the Lodge Trophy.

Robert Dick’s Clara Team won the Team Prize,

Erin’s team came second

And Billy Rice’s team won the Mugs award.

The usual Raffle took place with a vast array of prizes. A good day was had by all and money made was donated to the SAME Education Fund and the Sanparks Anti-Poaching unit.

Our PGM, Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson, announced that Provincial Grand Lodge  would be donating R5000 to their worthy cause.

In Remembrance


Rt.W.Br. Brian Trotter: 16th June, 1953 – 26th February, 2019.

Brian Trotter was Initiated, Passed and Raised in his Mother Lodge, Erin-Go-Bragh No.370 IC; he was Master of the Lodge in 1998 and 2013, and, after leaving the Chair, he joined the Provincial Grand Lodge and in 2013,was made PGL Assistant Director of Ceremonies. In 2016, he was given the Office of PGL Senior Director of Ceremonies, and then in 2017, he was made Provincial Assistant Grand Master. He received Grand Lodge Honours in 2011, as Past Grand Steward, and then in 2018 as Past Grand Deacon.

Rt.W.Br. Brian Bull: 21st September, 1949 – 20th June, 2019

Brian Bull was Initiated, Passed and then Raised to the sublime Degree of Master Mason in Erin-Go-Bragh Lodge in 1984. He was Master of the Lodge in 1993, 2011 and 2017. After joining Provincial Grand Lodge in 2012, he was made PGM Standard Bearer; the following year, he took the Office of Assistant Director of Ceremonies, and in 2015, he was given the position of Senior Director of Ceremonies. Finally, in 2017, he was given the rank of Provincial Assistant Grand Master. He received Grand Lodge Honours in 2013, as Past Grand Superintendent of Works, and in 2017, Past Grand Deacon.

V.W.Br. Dr. Hilary Kincaid-Smith: 26th July, 1930 – 9th July, 2019

Hilary Kincaid-Smith was Initiated into Lodge Lurgan No.767 IC on the 4th November,  1986, and Passed and Raised in 1987.. He was Master of Lodge Lurgan in 1995, and of Belfast Lodge No. 832 IC, in 2018.

In 2016, he took the Office of Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works, and in 2017 was made Provincial Grand Chaplain. The following year, Hilary was promoted to Provincial Junior Grand Warden, the Office which he held until his death.

He was also a Founder Member of Rosa Sine Spina Chapter No.1189 EC, which was founded on the 23rd February, 2008.


The Games Day fund raiser was a great success: music courtesy of PAGM Billy Rice, plenty of fun, snacks, great raffle prizes, and German-sausage hot-dogs for the peckish.

Congratulations to W.Br.Paddy Quinn, the darts champion, V.W.Br.Tony Murdoch who won the pool, and Dan Tyrer who cleaned up the opposition in the table tennis.

At the end of the day we had the prize giving, with Achill Lodge winning the Floating Trophy.

Paddy, Tony and Dan each received a trophy.

Next the raffle; First Prize, an Espresso coffee maker, second and third prizes hampers with a real selection of good eats.

A great day was had by all.

V.W.Br Craig Russel checking score
V.W.Br Craig Russel checking score
Nic Benson
PGM Nic Benson getting down to it
PDGM Tony Bosch taking aim
PDGM Tony Bosch taking aim

THE T.I.M.C BLANKET DRIVE - 13th July 2019

Blanket Drive

Here are some of the deserving recipients of blankets from the Blanket Drive, at the Benoni White Squatter Camp.

It was really gratifying to see how much the blankets were appreciated.

Clara’s V.W.Br. Robert Dick and a Staff member, with one of the many blankets which were distributed to the residents of The Tower of Life, in Krugersdorp, as part of the TIMC Blanket Drive.

Good News - July 2019

Young Matthew Spencer is looking happy and well, now that he is in remission.

Congratulations, Matthew, we are all wishing you a full recovery.


The Gauteng contingent, PGM Nic Benson, centre,  and Tzaneen Brethren, after the Installation of

Br. Hennie Botha as Worshipful Master.

The Brethren of the Lodge really went out of their way to put on such a grand Festive Board at the hotel.

We also had Live entertainment provided by Rt.W.Br. Billy Rice and his guitar.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, to end off a great trip.


Thanks to the hard work and organizational skills of V.W.Brs, Fanie Bezuidenhout Gerhard van Staden and Justin Dawe, and the assistance of the Brethren of the Lodge, the Open-Day fundraiser at Springs Airfield was a tremendous success;

Raffle tickets were sold during the event to raise the much-needed funds and three prizes were up for grabs. The prizes were a flip in a Boeing Stearman to the value of R1 500 sponsored by Adam Pucjlowski, a Tandum Skydive to the value of R1 900 sponsored by Skydive the Farm and a flight to the Vaaldam in a Sling 4 to the value of R1 500 sponsored by Pieter Bezuidenhout.

The Provincial Grand Master, Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson, won an aerobatic flight.

SA Northern's Iron Man - 1 June 2019

1st June 2019, Rt.W.Br. Billy Rice celebrating his success in the Iron Man Competition, on the Natal Coast.

His results: 48 mins. for 2km swim, 3hrs.48mins. for 90 km cycle and 2 hrs. 38 mins. For 21 km run.

PGLSANIC on Tour in KZN - 1 June 2019

18 Brethren made the trip to Mandini, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, for the Gingindhlovu Lodge Installation – 1st June 2019. Here they are at the Lodge.

Rt.W.Br. Nic Benson (foreground), with the Brethren from Gauteng, Natal and Southern Cape, at breakfast in Zinkwazi

An historic Installation at Gingindhlovu Lodge on the 1st June 2019;

An historic Installation at Gingindhlovu Lodge on the 1st June 2019, with three Provincial Grand Masters in attendance

Danny and Dawn Freddel’s Farewell

7th June. A farewell evening at V.W.Br. Craig Russell’s home, for V.W.Br. Danny Freddel, and wife Dawn, who are emigrating to England.

From left: Br. Reshat Herrington, V.W.Br. Danny Freddel, V.W.Br. Craig Russell and his wife, Tanya.

Clara ladies at Danny and Dawn Freddel’s Farewell Party:

From left: Lyn Hulse, Dawn Freddel, Bev Cawe and Myrtle Badenhorst.

Provincial Grand Lodge of South Africa Northern donates R 30,000 to 4 year old cancer patient

Young Matthew Spencer with his mum Anita

The Provincial Grand Master and Matthew Spencer, a 4 year old cancer patient, who received a donation of R30,000 towards his medical costs from the Provincial Grand Lodge of South Africa Northern

Provincial Grand Lodge AGM September 2018

Master Masons in attendance

The Provincial Grand Master, Rt Wor. Bro. Nic Benson hands over a donation of R10,000 to Hospice East Rand